Common Sense in “Kitchen Table Wisdom”

December 23, 2006
Kitchen Table Wisdom offers excellent, warm, gentle advice for living a compassionate and less-stressful life.

If you want to give, or read, a book that offers a wonderful blend of advice and wisdom for living a compassionate and less-stressful life, you almost can’t do better than Kitchen Table Wisdom by a very special woman.  Some time ago I write a review of this book and began by saying:

Many years ago, at a seminar on guided imagery for healing, Rachel Naomi Remen began to share a relaxing, calming imagery for a group of several hundred clinicians when someone turned down the lights in the auditorium. She paused and said, “Please keep the lights on. I want you to know how to do this when you’re standing in a grocery line. It’s easy to find your calm center within when everything’s quiet and the lights are low, it’s much harder if life is going on around you.” Simple words. A wonderfully common-sense lesson. A beautifully compassionate, eloquent and common-sense woman.

In Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal the author has translated a wealth of life lessons, from her experience as a physician, professor of medicine, therapist, long-term survivor of chronic illness, and founder of Commonweal, a support group for people facing terminal illness, into simple, but not simplistic stories, with honesty and grace.

Take a look and then buy the book with some of the money you have left over from Christmas (since you took my advice and didn’t let guilt force you to spend more than you should have).

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