Food That Looks Too Good to Be True

January 21, 2007
How often have your seen food that looked as though it should be good but was definitely not?

Turkey stuffedA quick topic for today comes about because my friend Chris is living with us temporarily and held down the fort while we were gone Down Under. I knew that if she saved all of the Los Angeles Times for a month I’d be tempted to read them all when I got back. So I had her cut out and save only the two most important parts of the paper—the editorial section and the comics. In going through the latter, I found several that will make good quick topics for the blog.

The one I’ve chosen today comes from  the comic strip for Dec. 21, 2006 of “Mallard Fillmore.” The cartoonist, Bruce Tinsley, has some pretty strong opinions on almost every topic, and labeled this one Mallard’s Worst “Holiday” Food #41:

Top-of-the-stove “stuffing.”

So easy to make, it’s incredible!
The taste, though, is rather regrettable…
So keep the container, and toss the remainder,
‘cause who knows?
The box may be edible.

Now, it’s been awhile since I’ve had stove-top stuffing so I don’t remember if it’s really as bad as all that. When you look at this advertisement for stove-top stuffing it doesn’t look too bad, though, does it? Without the turkey and the garnish of oranges, a pile of wet bread would look rather pathetic. So this gives me an idea for my question for the day.

Just out of curiosity (see Curiosity Can Build a Better World), ask yourself this question:

What food do you think looks as though it would be good, but is not?

I can tell you a food that doesn’t sound good or look good and, in my opinion, doesn’t taste good. Vegemite. We were introduced to it as a condiment in Australia and New Zealand breakfasts. There, in the basket of small packets of jams and jellies was one labeled Vegemite. Essentially it’s a gooey mix of vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate in a brown paste. It clearly is something you have to get used to over a long period of time. Just imagine taking vitamins, adding water, mushing them up,and spreading them on bread. Yuck!

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