One thought on “Liberals, Conservatives, and Thinking Through to What Happens Next

  1. I recently had a birds-eye view of how I did not see through a problem. I wonder how many of you can relate to my story. It starts with a beloved car….. not JUST metal but my beloved Prius which died in November 2006 and was unable to be repaired. At the time, I was in deep grief but could not see it. I impulsively decided to replace this beloved car quickly so as not to feel my grief (which I was embaarrassed to feel since it was felt toward an inanimate, depreciating object). I ran out and bought a car that ergonomically caused me great back spasms due to the shape, size and placement of the seats. I propped pillows etc. to make it work for me but alas, it was impossible. So, after three months of painful traveling I had to admit I had not looked at my choices in depth. I was not clear about my motivations,my impulsiveness, or my fears. I had loved amd lost without dealing with that fact first I made expensive choices that had to be rectified at a cost. My 6000 dollar lesson prompted this post. It is liberating to recognize my limitations….I wish our government: congress and president alike would go though s catharsis like mine before getting us deeper in a mire of war, excessive spending, revenge-seeking and so forth.


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