365 Ways to Save the Earth

February 15, 2007
Discover 365 ways to make the world a better place.

365 Ways to Save the Earth
Save EarthOrdinarily I don’t recommend a book unless I’ve read it, but two days ago I heard an interview on National Public Radio with Terry Gross and Philippe Bourseiller, an award-winning photographer, who has recently written 365 Ways to Save the Earth. After checking it out on Amazon.com, it sounds like a coffee-table book I would like to own.

For more than fifteen years Philippe Bourseiller has:

… recorded the splendors of untamed nature, from the immensities of the ice floe to the fury of the volcano, from the vast open spaces of Patagonia to the aridity of the Sahara. This experience has given him unique insight into both the richness and the fragility of our environment… .

For every day of the year he presents a stunning photograph and a simple, environment-friendly action that enables the reader to participate in the protection of planet Earth. Philippe Bourseiller is a true field photographer whose talents as a climber, caver, and diver enable him to move easily through the extreme environments that he frequents and, as we see in these pages, return with extraordinary images.

A comment by one of the reader-reviewers says that Bourseiller doesn’t follow one of his own suggestions, which is to recycle. But setting that aside, I believe, based on the interview I heard, that in the book you will find many interesting suggestions and projectsfor healing heal the earth and its people that you may not hear about elsewhere.

Here is my gratitude for today.

I give thanks for life.

I give thanks for having work that uses my talents and can make a difference in the world.

I give thanks for the farmer who grows the wheat that becomes part of my breakfast.

For what do you give thanks today?

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