The Pleasure of Friends and Museums

February 24, 2007
Giving thanks for friends who come to visit.

The Queen Mary ShipI am throwing this entry together to let you know that I won’t be back here until Tuesday. My longest-time friends came from out of town yesterday and we’re having a grand reunion for four days doing touristy stuff. We’re beyond the age when Disneyland’s massive crowds hold much attraction, but Southern California has some wonderful museums and that’s where we’re mostly heading.

Queen Mary ShipToday there is the Queen Mary 2, which is shown on the left as she came out of Sydney in 1941 as a troop carrier and on the right as she is today, land locked as a museum, restaurant and event center in Long Beach, California. Tomorrow there’s the Huntington Gardens and Norton Simon Museum. On Monday we go out to the Ronald Reagan Library, the first I’ve ever gone to a presidential library. We’ll get to tour the Air Force One that Reagan used. Tuesday I’m back at work, refreshed and ready to write again.

So you can appreciate, I hope, my prayer of gratitude for this morning.

I give thanks for life.

I give thanks for friends.

I give thanks for those who work to keep treasures of the past alive and available for the public.

Have a nice weekend. I’m sure I will as well.

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