Restaurant Names That Attract Attention

August 22, 2007
What makes one restaurant’s name stand out above others?

Sign of Joe's GarageSince the only language I know, unfortunately, is English, I appreciate traveling in countries where they speak my language so I can read the signs.

That doesn’t mean I always understand what they say, which was sometimes the case in Australia and New Zealand, where we visited this past winter. In fact, I plan to shortly write a blogRestaurant called Loaded Hog in New Zealand about traffic signs and menu items that confused us “Down Under,” for although we may have a “common language,” translations were often needed.

However, for today I just want to share a few of the names of restaurants that caught our attention in Queenstown, New Zealand. OCar license At Thai named for restaurantne was Joe’s Garage, where we ate breakfast a couple times on the patio which was next to the alley. And I couldn’t resist taking a picture of “The Loaded Hog”.

I first noticed the license at the left and wondered what it meant. Then I looked at the restaurant in front of which the car was parked and the sign on the door (shown on the right) said, “@Thai.” Clever.

Door of Thai restaurant in New ZealansAccording to a report on the web, two people (50% of reviewers) said it was “Outstanding” and two people (the other 50%) said it was “Very Good.” Not a large sample, but even though we didn’t eat there, I’d rate it “Excellent” in the grab-your-attention category.

Here are some other restaurant and pub names that caught my attention:

  • The Drunkin’ Duck
  • The Flippin Pancakes
  • The Hot Toddy
  • The Harry Lemon
  • The Grumpy Mole Saloon
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Two Fat Indians and Buddha Bar
  • Whole Enchilada
  • Six Chairs Missing Restaurant
  • Winnie Bagoes

What about you? What restaurant, bar or pub name would you choose so that it might get a customer’s attention? [If you send a non-English name, please include a translation.]

If you were to name a restaurant, what would you call it?

Assuming you could use any of the symbols on the keyboard, which ones would you incorporate into the name?

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