My Masai Mara Moon

September 28, 2008
Imagine watching the moon rise over the Masai Mara plain.

Visual Viewpoint: A Full Moon Over the Masai Mara Plain

This entry could also be filed as one of my “visual viewpoints” you may have seen in earlier posts.

Full moon setting over Masai Mara plains in Kenya

We were sitting on the patio looking over the Masai Mara Plain (which is called the Serengeti Plain in Tanzania to the south). Evening was falling and we were about to eat dinner (another of the fabulous meals served on the safari) when I couldn’t resist taking this picture. And if you have read my posts A Sierra Rorschach Test or It’s My Blue Moon, you’ll know why I am pleased to have claimed this moon as mine during our trip to Kenya in 2007.

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