Talented Egyptian Applique Artist and Lawyer

November 14, 2008
Meet a special applique artist in the old Cairo bazaar.

Impressions of Egypt Number 13

In keeping with the blog’s theme of “Enrich Your Life, Enrich Your Relationships,” this is one of several posts about a trip we took in December 2007, to Egypt. It definitely enriched my life and expanded my understanding of that country, and of the many challenges they face as they evolve into a different kind of country than the one I visited. — Note added in 2011 after the spring revolution

This entry could also be filed as one of my “visual viewpoints” you may have seen in earlier posts.

Applique artist

A neat place to visit in the old Cairo bazaar is the section of applique and quilts made from Egyptian cotton, of which the country is very proud. Our self-appointed guide took us to this man’s stall where he greeted us with hibiscus tea and showed us his wares.

What especially pleased me was that he was very talented in creating a graphic representation of a flower and a fish by using Aramaic letters for our names. Though his English wasn’t great [since that’s the only language I know, I never complain when a foreigner can’t speak perfect English], we had a nice conversation and were surprised to learn that he was a lawyer who runs this small business on the side.

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