How Does Self-sufficiency Affect Your Relationships?

December 24, 2009
Ask yourself questions about self-sufficiency to better understand why the relationship between you and another person is strained or broken.

sun with question markThese questions are part of a series on understanding how your personality affects your relationships, especially those that are strained or broken.

Exploring Your Personality #3: Self-sufficiency


  • To what extent do I need to do things well and to understand how and why things happen?
  • Do I strive to gain my own inner goals more than those either imposed or dictated by others? Why?
  • To what extent do I swim against the mainstream, open to new experiences, resistant to conformity? Why?
  • When I think about a person with whom I have a strained or broken relationship, how would I answer these questions about him or her? Why?
  • What effect does our sense of self-sufficiency have to do with our relationship? Why?

To explore other questions and related material see Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life and Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.

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