Does Extroversion or Introversion Affect Your Relationships?

sun with question markPART ONE

Exploring Your Personality # 8:

Extroversion and Introversion


Do I like to be the first to a party and the last to leave, and are my batteries charged by conversation?

Do I consider myself to be an extrovert? Why?

Do I enjoy quiet conversations about feelings and ideas, but become awkward in groups and uncomfortable at small talk, and would I feel drained by needing to spend much time at a party?

Do I see myself as an introvert? Why?

How do my answers shed light on my relationship with someone with whom I have a strained or broken relationship?

These questions complement the Better Tomorrows Program for healing strained and broken relationships and are part of the blog’s series of questions for exploring who you are.

To explore other questions, see Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, Healing Relationships is an Inside Job, and the Q-and-A Club.

blue-green line


Travel Report # 9:

It Wasn’t a Quickie

Mating Tortoises

At Primicias, an ecological reserve on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos, we saw this pair of giant tortoises having sex in an open field.  He shifted his position ever so slowly and made growling noises that sounded like a giant clearing his throat. I wondered if she had gone to sleep or was just hoping it would be over soon. In this particular shot you can’t see her, but she’s there and he’s bending his head to keep an eye on her.

Since these tortoises can live well over 100 years, they may just be an old couple trying to remember how to do it.

The tortoises are allowed to roam and after the female has laid her eggs somewhere in the area rangers collect them and bring them to a facility where they are allowed to hatch in safety. Then you placed back into the field or given to zoos around the world to replenish the supply of the largest tortoises in the world.

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