Can You Make Towel Swans?

February 18, 2010
If you’ve never been on the Amazon, a small boat offers all the comfort of home (plus more).

Ecuador and Peru Travel Report #14 and Visual Viewpoint: Luxury on the Amazon

towels in the shape of a swan

When we sailed down the Nile two years ago, we would come back to our rooms and find our towels twisted in shapes that represented elephants, birds, flags, flowers, and even on one night as a monkey hanging from the ceiling. That was the only other cruise we took in which we slept on board before we visited the Gallapagos and the Amazon on our recent trip. For the trip up the inner passage in Alaska we had a Days-Afloat-Nights-Ashore so didn’t know that many cruise crews make clever designs from the towels.

I attended a program in which the crew demonstrated how to make these and I’ll tell you that they are a bit harder than you might think, though not impossible for an amateur. Maybe I’ll make some for guests in the future, and then again I may not.

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