How Does Creativity Affect Your Relationships?

February 18, 2010
Ask yourself questions about creativity to help you better understand why a relationship between you and another person may be strained or broken.

sun with question markThese questions are part of a series on understanding how your personality affects your relationships, especially those that are strained or broken.

Exploring Your Personality #13: Creativity


  • Do I believe I am creative? If so, what do I have to show for my creativity? If not, why do I feel this way?
  • Is there something I’ve been wanting to create for a long time and keep putting off? If so, what is it? What stops me from doing it?
  • Does my creativity or the creativity of another person have a great deal to do with how we get along?

To explore other questions and related material see Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life and Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.

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