How Does Following the Rules Affect Your Relationships?

March 16, 2010
Ask yourself questions about following rules to help you better understand why a relationship between you and another person may be strained or broken.

sun with question markThese questions are part of a series on understanding how your personality affects your relationships, especially those that are strained or broken.

The questions today are simple and have to do with a topic we generally don’t talk about much: it’s the way in which some of us are sticklers for following the rules (perfectionists particularly) and others who rebel against rules. If you and another person are at loggerheads, perhaps that is one of your problems.

Exploring Your Personality #16: Following the Rules


Would others consider me agreeable, conventional, conforming, suggestible, and/or indecisive?

Do I sometimes feel I understand others, but then realize I don’t because I’ve been too focused on pleasing them? If so, why do I think this is true of me?

Might someone say that I act bored, want to make a good impression, go by the book, and am nice but rigid, strong and silent?

What do the answers to these questions say about my relationship with others?

To explore other questions and related material see Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life and Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.

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