When Computers Interfere With Your Practice

April 7, 2010
When computers give you pain, sleep with pleasant thoughts and the problem may be gone in the morning.

RanunculusRecently I started my blog post with “ARRRGGUH!” If you read it, you will know my reaction was because the blog was not saving when I check “Save.”  Just got a little message that said something to the effect of “My Bad. Sorry.”

It happened again today after I finished a blog! There just wasn’t time to go back and do it again. Consequently, here I am at the end of the day ready to climb into bed and I am reminded of my promise (at least for now) to make my “practice” to write an entry five days a week.

There’s nothing here for you to read.

I would end this with “ARRRGGUH!” again except that I have just finished watching two hours of “The Buddha,” a beautifully done program on PBS of the Buddha’s life, and was reminded that all things change. Even software that doesn’t work one day will (maybe) work the next.

So I’ve chosen as illustration a flower on which I just might meditate tonight as I fall asleep to accept this problem and look forward to starting over tomorrow.

May all your computer glitches be minor.

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