3 thoughts on “Risk and Motorcycle Helmets

  1. Should I have to pay for your freedom to feel the wind in your hair?

    I say probably No – I hedge because while I shouldn’t have to pay for your stupidity, however, you don’t get off just because I pay the bill. You’re the one who has the hospital time and suffering!!


  2. Marycarol:
    The problem is that some people don’t seem to learn from their suffering. They will go out and not use helmets again, without recognizing that we have paid for their suffering too.


  3. Hi Arlene,

    I noticed the comment about the lady who sued McD for coffee spilled. There is an interesting perspective on this at upworthy.com search for Ever Hear About The Lady Who Spiled Coffee On Herself At McD, Then Sued For Millions?


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