How Does Your Philosophy of Life Affect Your Relationships?

April 15, 2010
Discover how your philosophy of life has an impact on your relationships.

The Thinker StatueThe focus of much that I write can be summed up in the following, “to change your relationships, you do well to understand yourself and see what you need to change before you turn to the task of changing someone else.”

Fortunately, asking yourself questions is a very good way to better understand yourself and periodically I have offered questions on a wide variety of topics.

The one today is simple, but nuanced, and can be filed under the subcategory of “exploring your philosophy of life.” Actually, it is the last of a series on understanding how your personality affects your relationships, especially those that are strained or broken.

Ordinarily I’ve used a picture of the run rising over the mountains as  logo of sorts for the series, but I couldn’t resist this photo from Wikimedia.

Exploring Your Personality #18: Philosophy of Life


  • How would I state my philosophy of life?

If you are like me, you are probably too busy to sit down with paper and pencil, or to open a Word document, and start writing. But if you are seriously interested in healing a friendship, in having a satisfactory relationship with others at work, or in finding greater peace of mind around other people who often annoy you, I suggest you begin by simply thinking about your philosophy of life.

Tomorrow I’ll remind you again of the question. So notice what progress you can make in thinking this through before you read the blog again. You may not want to be as serious as Rodin’s Thinker appears to be, but give it a try.

To explore other questions and related material see Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life and Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.

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