3 thoughts on “What Narrative Do You Believe?

  1. The “co-incidents” of life, that stand out, that I have rightfully or wrongfully believed were personal evidence of a divine guidance or “Word” from God..one of which could be finding your blog at this point in my life, “ill, on disability, retired clergy, losing faith with “infidels.org” etc. having only recently read Nietzsche and found him compelling…Oh, one other thing. I’m dying of Hep c, (US Navy exposure as corpsman).
    Is this divine providence?

    Or is that just one helluva SOAP for some life review with a shrink? Anyway, I got “led” here somehow…been wiping out email accounts out of frustration with my memory loss etc and just barely managed to set up another.
    Enough! This is not a shrink session….
    or is it? What would Samualson “Generation to Generation” say? The “hero” child can’t save himself. Moot point. I’m a hermit now. mc


    1. Mark,

      Your life sounds fascinating. I don’t know how or why you found (or were led to) my website, but I hope you discover something here that continues to stretch you even when you may think you have no more stretch in you.

      It is interesting to see what happens when we allow life to unfold and enjoy the ride. It’s bumpy sometimes, but never dull.

      I would like to know what part of the site you find most helpful.



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