Sometimes You Need to Stop When Your Mind Says Quit

May 12, 2010
Do you have many of those days when you just know you aren’t going to finish what you’d like to accomplish?

Recently I was sent one of those lists of humorous statements about life and one of them struck me as particularly true. It said:

There are days when you are suddenly aware that from that point onward you aren’t going to accomplish anything more for the rest of the day.

Yesterday that point came earlier than I had hoped, for I wanted to write another post.  But all my ambition vanished.  This meant that I probably wasn’t going to get three posts done this week, a goal I had whittled down from five posts a week some six weeks ago.  (See Choosing a Practice to Build Will and Skill.)

Now I have to reconsider that ambition as other writings and website maintenance creep into my schedule and prevent as much posting as I’d like. Nevertheless, I will try to write as often as possible and try shorter posts like this one — unless some day I feel the urge to expound more deeply.

Back to the saying above; I’m sure you’ve gotten your share of e-mail lists with humorous and inspirational quotations. Is there one that stands out for you?

I hope you peak late in the day today!

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