Do You Need Advice on Relieving Stress?

June 13, 2010
How much do you need to know about reducing stress before you take the advice you already know is right?

Music soothes the soulYesterday I wrote about my sense of feeling pressured to do more than I had time to do. Of course, I know that I am not alone in this do-more-than-you-have-to-do mode.

I know this because I’ve just read an email from Marci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book Happiness for No Reason. The subject line of the email says, “Overworked? Overwhelmed? Over it? Let’s talk.” In the email she told about a free 75 minutes tele-call for “21st century super women who are all so tired of working so hard and never feeling like it’s enough.” The call is being created by her and two other successful women and will be tomorrow.

They decided to start a “modern-day revolution” called the Summer of Self Love and ask, “Why are we all so overwhelmed and overworked and what can you do about it?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, I suggest you listen to the live call, or the recording.

However, I already know the answer and I feel as though listening to one more person tell me what to do (even if it’s in the name of stress-reduction) only adds to everything I already have on my plate. Feeling we don’t know enough, and that there is an expert “out there” who does, is one of the contributing factors in the drive for success.

In fact, the point of my second book, Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, is that if we quietly listen to what our own hearts are saying, and put the advice we hear into action, we will be the best we can be and know that that is enough.

So I know that when I feel overwhelmed and overworked, what I can do about it is to listen to what I preach — and then follow my advice.

Now, please be aware that I’m not denying the need of those who feel unsure of themselves and want advice; after all, I’m in the advice business. However, Part of what feeds our need for someone else to tell us what to do  is the idea that we aren’t good enough by ourselves.

So if you wish, listen to Marci Shimoff’s tele-call on Saturday, which will probably be great and even if you know a lot, you will likely learn more. Or you may just decide not to listen to it. My advice on the matter is to do what your heart is telling you and that will make all the difference in the world in creating a summer that is less-stressful, and filled with more self-care.

What my heart is telling me right now is that I need to stop writing and go to dinner with my husband. He is taking me out for my 75th birthday. I wouldn’t mention that except that I am glad to have made it this far and hope life will only get better in the future.

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