Starting the Week With Acronyms

June 28, 2010
Enjoy acronyms from TIDI to ITTYTWIT and ITTYSTWIT.

Plywood over twin bed to make a tableThis is Monday morning and here is my table-bed (or bed-table, I’m not sure which) made possible by a clever husband who simply put a head board at each end of the bed and fit a large piece of plywood over the posts, giving me the right height to work, with storage space below — space that quickly fills with finish-it-later piles of paper.

Now, to get my week off to a good start I want to clean it off and have decided the best approach is a TIDI one (pronounced “tidy”). This is essentially the same as the ironing basket approach I’ve written about before. Only here TIDI stands for touch-it-do-it.

As you may remember from when I last wrote about this technique, I said that I can often spend a lot of time sorting miscellaneous papers onto piles without actually getting much accomplished. So I am sticking strictly to my goal of not touching something unless I am willing to deal with it. That has left me with the problem of how to send a graduation check to someone because I haven’t yet come to their address buried deeper than the card I bought that sits here waiting for me to get down deep enough to find the graduation announcement. I hope that by the end of the day that task will be finished.

By the way, if you like the TIDI phrase, you may like another acronym I will be writing about some time soon, ITTYTWIT. It stands for “I think that you think what I think.” I have made up a companion acronym I call ITTYSTWIT. Can you guess what it means?

Have a good day. In fact, have a good week. Hope you accomplish what you set out to do.

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