Sing Out Those Titles

July 26, 2010
Have fun with friends and relatives this summer remembering song titles.

Cartoon of man singing off-keyThis take-a-break can be a lot of fun at a family reunion, or to have something to do when you’re waiting for a plane that’s late. Here’s how it works:

Choose any word and see if you can think of a song title or lyrics that contain that word.

If you do this with another person, first ask him or her to think of a word and then tell him or her your first choice. [UGH! — can’t we find a better gender neutral description than him or her, her or him, him/her, her/him, his or hers, hers/his, he or she, she or he, he/she, she/he? . . . it makes writing so terribly complicated and un-melodious, especially for those times when you want the words to flow.]

Another twist on this game is to use a simple word like “I,” “you,” “how,” “baby,” “for,” “so,” “my,” “she,” or “he,” and think of as many song titles or lyrics that begin with that word as you can. There are bound to be a zillion that start with “the,” but I’ll bet there aren’t any (or at least many) that begin with “She or He”!



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