A Guessing Game

August 8, 2010
Take a break from the small chores of life by giving yourself an even smaller goal.

Pile of jelly beansIf you attended a family reunion this summer or a company picnic or block party, you may have played a common game called “how many jelly beans are in the jar.” Usually in these contests there is a prize for guessing correctly and you find that there is a prize for this take-a-break as well.

1. First, guess how many steps it takes to walk from one end of your house to the other. (You could also estimate the distance around your block, from the front door to your office, or any other place.)

2. Next, walk there, taking normal length steps, and see how close you came.

3. Ask someone else to guess how many steps you took and then see how close he or she comes.

The prize if you guessed correctly? You get the satisfaction of winning, especially if you had fun doing this.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And remember that you can repeat this game anywhere.


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