Today Anything Goes

September 12, 2010
What would you choose to do if you set aside a day to do nothing that was scheduled?

I am glad to report that I am almost recovered from the shingles that broke out on my behind in July. As I said, sitting in front of the computer wasn’t easy. However, I must confess that I took advantage of the situation in the hope that readers who came to the blog and learned of my situation wouldn’t expect too much from me. (Nothing like playing the “poor me” card to get out of work.)

Now, however, I’ve stretched out the recovery time as far as I dare and am feeling a bit guilty for not posting for more than a month.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting that I have decided to write today, since this is an “anything” day. That’s when I do anything I feel like doing, and nothing else. Used to call it a “nothing” day, but “anything” sounds a bit more positive and the results are the same. I wake up and nothing is planned. Interestingly, I often get more done than when I have scheduled chores.

And in case you’re interested, “anything” days are different than “something” days when I do plan activities in advance; but the rule there is that nothing I plan can have anything to do with “work.” Actually, I enjoy everything I do, but no matter what I call it, it’s nice to have a day when I don’t feel I have to pay attention to the usual to-do list. Free choice is a wonderful elixir.

Consequently, here I am writing in the blog even though it’s not on my list of things to do today — after all, today I don’t even have a to-do list. But getting this done feels good and that makes it worth my doing it.

When I sat down to write (it being easier to sit than it was a couple weeks ago), I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. Did I really have something worth writing about that people would want to read? Then I thought about my reaction to other blogs and realize that I enjoy a wide variety of posts even though most of them probably wouldn’t win the best-post-of-the-day award. I just like discovering what other people are thinking and learning new ideas for making my life better.

So with this post I offer you the idea of an “anything day” because I suspect your calendar is filled with almost as many things to do as mine is. I suspect your health and mental stamina will improve if you allow one day (or more) a week for a little serendipity. Having choice is a wonderful elixir.

Since this blog is about “enriching your life” and “enriching your relationships,” ask yourself this question:

  • How would giving myself a day in which I have nothing planned improve my relationships?

Would love to hear what you think about anything days, something days, and even half-and-half days when you have a little of something planned together with nothing specific.

Photo from Wikimedia


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