That Says WHAT?

September 16, 2010
It can be humorous when our brain changes the meaning of a word into something much different that the author intended.

Two children discussing how pictures and words are relatedIn about two hours I leave for several days at Yosemite for a wedding of our nephew. First, I want to share something that is undoubtedly common to all of us and has been happening to me more frequently as my age creeps every higher.

I will misread a word so the whole meaning of the sentence is completely changed. Of course, there are some incorrect interpretations I don’t dare repeat in public, but I thought it would be fun to share them periodically, beginning with today’s post.

The latest happened a couple days ago when I saw an article in the Health Section of the Los Angeles Times. What I thought the heading said was, “Flavored Colon Test Gets Revisited.” That was very interesting to me because I’ve had a few colonoscopies and the preparation included instructions to drink a concoction that tasted like brackish water thinly disguised by orange flavoring. I was extremely hopeful that they had come up with a better-tasting product.

It wasn’t until I was part way through the article that I realized the heading said, “favored,” not “flavored.” Apparently clinicians are evaluating whether another test might be just as effective. I hope so.

In any case, these kinds of misinterpretations of signs and headlines always give me a chuckle and I’m sure you find similar word quirks funny. The brain seems to trip on these interpretations and throws them out for a chuckle in the middle of the day.

Since humor involves surprise, when I misread a word, it throws life off balance for just a moment. I find life that isn’t predictable is more enjoyable, don’t you?

Would you like to join me in a game of  “That says WHAT?”  There is only one rule to the “game.” You can’t cheat by pretending you read a word incorrectly just to make it sound humorous. It has to have really happened.

As I continue to mix up words, I’ll share mine and hope you share yours.

I know the picture I chose doesn’t relate directly to the topic, but I thought it was funny and it came free from Wikimedia, where I sometimes get my illustrations.

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