Would You Jump Off a Building With a Friend?

September 23, 2010
How far will you follow a friend?

Before I get into today’s topic, I thought I’d share my latest word misinterpretation, which happened the same day I uploaded my last post. We stopped for dinner on the way to a wedding of our nephew in Yosemite and parked behind a car with a dealer license plate of “Sturgeon & Beck.” I initially thought it said “Surgeon in Back,” as in “Baby on Board.”

I think I’ll call these “whoops words.” What are yours?

Anyway, onto some questions for you that grew out of my introduction to the new sport of Parkour from a video sent to me by my brother. It reminded me of those occasions in my childhood when I wanted to do some popular activity that our parents thought was unwise. The consistent response was, “If your friend wanted to jump off a roof, would you do it?” Well, it turns out that an increasing number of people (young, you will notice) do follow their friends off a roof. Watch this video and then answer the questions below.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

How far will I go to follow a friend?

What are my limits?

What is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done because I followed someone else’s advice?

What is the smartest thing I’ve done because I did follow someone else’s advice?

Incidentally, when my brother sent the video, he said, essentially, that he wouldn’t follow a friend through these gymnastics for two reasons. First, his wife wouldn’t let him. Second, he wasn’t crazy. I would add a third. He’s a lot older and less limber than these guys are.

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3 thoughts on “Would You Jump Off a Building With a Friend?

  1. Brother says: “I’m not limber?” (Well, I guess not. When driving tonight I had trouble turning my head to see cars on the right. Must be that age thing you’re accusing me of.)


  2. Art,

    I have trouble turning my head to both the left AND the right, but then you’re eight years younger than I. It must be disconcerting to watch your sister’s body gradually fall apart and know the same might happen to you. Let’s hope not.


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