Encouraging Everyone’s Special Talents, Including Yours

September 30, 2010
How might the world be better if we all applauded everyone’s unique talent?

In the relationships section of Support4Change you will find a number of articles and sidebars on keeping love alive by Judith and Jim (that is Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski). They are a husband-and-wife therapist team and leaders of “Bridging Heart and Marketing.”

In their books, such as The New Intimacy, they encourage couples to find the magic in the heart of their differences. So when I saw the title of their recent email, I was curious: “Sunday Treat . . . A Beyond Special Video for You.” Inside I found a link to a video called “From Service Dog to SURFice Dog.” It is a beautiful example of how, when we accept others just as they are, we open their lives (and ours) to great possibilities.

True, the hero of the video is a dog, but the lesson applies equally to humans.

After you watch this video (which shows some great scenes on training service dogs), please ask yourself the questions below — and follow the suggestion at the very end.


Do I encourage the strengths of others even when I might prefer that they express other talents?

Am I able to accept myself just as I am and support my strengths even when I wish I could do something else?

Suggestion for today: When you are shopping, working, or are anywhere you will see people you may not know, take a moment and imagine you are applauding them for their greatest strength. You may not know what that is and they may not even know what it is, but I believe your willingness to secretly encourage them can be felt by them. That may be the very thing they need to reach their potential.

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2 thoughts on “Encouraging Everyone’s Special Talents, Including Yours

  1. Kim,
    Yes, the video is very inspiring.
    Incidentally, when I went to your website, I noticed you release doves at funerals. That is so much nicer than releasing balloons that litter the ground and float into the ocean where they are “eaten” by turtles and other animals that can’t digest them.


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