Practicing What I Preach

December 22, 2010
No matter what the weather is like where you are, may you have a wonderful holiday this week and into the new year.

My daughter will be arriving from the airport within an hour, but I think I have just enough time to finish this post. I am, however, as the title of this states, taking my own advice about not making myself do more than I have time to do.

Yesterday I finished a video as a greeting to my family and friends and decided I would use that video as a greeting to readers of my blog as well. After all, even though I may not personally know you, I feel friendly toward the people for whom I write, so I’ll consider you friends.

Earlier this week, I thought that I might be able to create a special video just for the blog, but now time has run out. And I adhere to the admonishment that grandmothers should not spend their time in the office when grandchildren come to visit, especially when the visits are few.

Be sure to have your sound turned on so you can hear the rain.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Kwanzaa. Generally Cheerful Winter Celebrations.

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