A Special Kind of Doodling While Waiting

February 24, 2011
Recharge your batteries by doodling instead of building up steam because you’ve been put on hold.

Doodles during a math lectureAs I mentioned in the last post, I’ve been cleaning out my office and have discovered papers and files stuffed with quotations, ideas for articles, and suggestions for blog posts. Typical collection of an author.

Tackling one specific file yielded lots of ideas for posts and I thought I would start working my way through them. That will give me more posts than I usually do when I have to think up new ideas.

So now I am using my ironing basket approach to tackling I’ll-get-to-this-later jobs in which I start with the item on the top of the pile and do whatever needs to be done with that before going to the item below. Thus this first topic comes from the paper on the top.

“Doodle” was one suggestion from a list of about thirty ideas in a pamphlet for caregivers. The idea of the list was to encourage people to take care of themselves in order to take care of others.

I could just repeat the list here, but I don’t find lists helpful in ready accomplishing anything. I will read the list, think “those are good ideas,” and then forget them. There are just too many to pick out one to work on. So instead of giving you a whole bunch of suggestions at one time, I will periodically offer you just one. Then I’ll add my own perspective on how you might do it.

I think of these as posts for recharging your batteries; either decreasing your energy drainers or increasing your energy boosters.

Here is my suggestion for today:

Get paper, pencil and colored pens and put them by the telephone. If you only use a cell phone, put them where you can reach them when you have to make a call to one of those draconian telephone trees.

Then when you are put on hold, start doodling. You may be tempted to draw a noose, but I suggest you try something more radical.

Draw a stick figure if you don’t trust your artistic talent. Place the figure in the middle of a circle and draw hearts or plus signs around it. Then imagine you are sending energy to the person you are calling and are opening your heart to do whatever you can do to help him or her help you.

After you’ve sent positive energy to the person to whom you will speak, notice if you feel better. If you don’t, continue doodling after you hang up. Then you’re free to do anything you want.

Usually doodling is a process of allowing something to arise from your subconscious to keep you awake when you have to sit and wait for something to end, like the doodles made by someone in an afternoon math lecture in the doodles above. So the idea of planning a specific concept may not seem right. But give it a try anyway.

Send me your doodles if you’d like and if they are family-friendly I will include them in the blog.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
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3 thoughts on “A Special Kind of Doodling While Waiting

  1. Arlene, I LOVE your suggestion! And what a creative and absolutely wonderful twist to a simple idea. Instead of getting absolutely annoyed, frustrated, and finally enraged when put on hold, I can doodle and send positive energy!

    And, did you know that there’s another benefit to doodling — it helps your brain keep fit and helps you to learn better. Many creative people doodle.

    You never know, I might email you my doodle one of these days.


    1. Glad you liked the idea. I tend to play a game on the computer when I’m waiting, but I will actually do this one of these days soon and perhaps share my doodles.

      And you are right about the effect on the brain. Here’s to doodling!


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