The Simplest Prayer

March 8, 2011
Learn how to bring calm and clarity into your life with two simple sentences.

Purple and white pansiesThis morning as I was offering gratitude for breakfast, I first expressed my thanks for what I was about to eat. Then I said a prayer I often say when I want to simplify my life and my connection with the wider world. In fact, I call it my “simplest prayer” and usually repeat it several times, each time putting emphasis on different words.

“Here I am. I am here.”

After I said it, I expressed a wish to whoever or whatever was listening to my heart that I would like a suggestion for a blog topic for today. There is a bunch of stuff I have to do and yet didn’t want to get behind on posts. Something simple was needed.

That’s when the thought of writing about the simplest prayer came to mind.

Of course, some of you may not think of this as a “prayer.” You may believe that prayers have to include requests of some kind or acknowledgment of error or thanks for blessings received. For me, however, this statement, if said in sincerity, feels very much like a prayer that will be “heard” by whatever power in the universe listens and influences our lives.

So here is a brief explanation about what these two short sentences mean to me when expressed as a prayer.

First, “here” means that I acknowledge I am wherever I am emotionally, physically and mentally at that moment. I am right where I am. Sitting where I am sitting. Feeling what I am feeling. When I say this, I feel connected with the ground and everything around me.

Next, “I” refers to the person I experience at my core. I acknowledge that I am the one who is thinking my thoughts. I am this singular person who has never been before and will never be again. There is nothing either grand or insignificant about me. I simply am. Just this thought brings me serenity.

Finally, “am” emphasizes the being of life, not the doing of it. For me, this part of the prayer is a declaration of acceptance. In saying this, I open my heart and mind to whatever may be the purpose of my life that day, that moment. In so far as I am able to feel connected with a sense of God or Spirit that lies behind and under and through the universe in which I live, “am” expresses my willingness to live as fully as I can; to carry out whatever I am supposed to do for the greater good.

I suggest you use this prayer, these two brief sentences, whenever you feel caught  between opposing forces and uncertain of how to proceed. Somehow, by acknowledging you are where you are and who you are, you open a map that can guide you from that moment to the next.

Since this blog is about enriching your life and your relationships, I suggest you consider what might happen to your relationships if you used this simple prayer throughout the day.
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
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8 thoughts on “The Simplest Prayer

  1. Your blog piece made me think of a villenelle I wrote after I began to discover the attitude you describe. See below:

    Broadening the Gauge

    Programmed at a early age
    life was lived to do.
    Now I find myself amazed

    and wish to turn the page
    because this person who
    programmed at an early age

    is satisfied with this late stage
    looking now to be – not do.
    Now I find myself amazed

    centered in this new phase
    different more than pink from blue.
    Programmed at an early age

    I once lived as in a cage
    and nothing blossomed – nothing grew.
    Now I find myself amazed

    no longer living by a gauge
    released by love’s belated cue.
    Programmed at an early age
    now I find myself amazed.


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