Is It Possible to Pass On What You Have Learned?

April 1, 2011
What have you learned that others could benefit from knowing without having to go through the experience themselves?

Live and Learn and Pass It OnA number of years ago I received permission from H. Jackson Brown, Jr., the author of several Live and Learn and Pass It On books to reprint some of what people from ages 5 to 95 share about “what they’ve discovered about life, love and other good stuff.” I use a number of these as sidebars in Support4Change articles. Today this will help me create a fairly quick post before I am able to return to the office and start writing again.

I’m sure you will laugh at some of the following and nod your head in understanding at others. The reason is because these are the very lessons we’ve had to learn the hard way — through our own experience. I wonder how many of these could we really absorb just by reading what others have discovered on their own?

I’ve learned that when you tell your younger brother that he can fly, he’ll try it.
— Age 12

I’ve learned that working in a garden at sunrise has a tremendous effect on the soul.
— Age 32

I’ve learned that it is okay to give advice but you shouldn’t expect anyone to take it.
— Age 86

I’ve learned that when you buy a car for the first time, your number of friends increases dramatically.
— Age 16

I’ve learned that shouldn’t cry over anything that can’t cry back.
— Age 60

I’ve learned that you should never leave your one-year-old Dalmatian alone in a room with a black permanent marker and real clean carpet
— Age 11

I’ve learned that happiness is not how much you have but your capacity to enjoy what you have.
— Age 44

I’ve learned that if someone asks “How are you doing?” it’s not necessary to give them a full health report.
— Age 65

I’ve learned that when I’m angry, my mouth works faster than my brain.
— Age 58

I’ve learned that if you have a job without any problems, you don’t have much of a job.
— Age 35

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t hold a baby above your head after he has eaten.
— Age 14

I’ve learned that when you’re at a family picnic, you shouldn’t say you don’t like what you’re eating because the person sitting next to you might have prepared it.
— Age 18

I’ve learned that every woman is beautiful when she smiles.
— Age 66

I’ve learned that it’s not a good idea to try to break in a new bra during a transcontinental flight.
— Age 46

I’ve learned that wearing anything too small is a sure way to ruin my day.
— Age 44

I’ve learned that the worse thing in life to be without is love, but toilet paper comes in a close second.
— Age 59

I’ve learned that you can live with choices you have made yourself, but you can live to regret the choices you let others make for you.
— Age 29


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