Wednesday’s Rorschach Test

April 6, 2011
Where can you see humor?

Cartoons of two men picking the pocket of the otherWhen I came back from my conference last week (and a visit with delightful granddaughters), I discovered a major problem with my email that took hours and dollars to fix. This week I’m getting organized with several upcoming online events in which I’m participating (will tell you about them closer to the time they will happen).

That means that today I am trying to find a quick way to post something to the blog so that you won’t think I’ve fallen in a hole.

After putting on my thinking cap for a minute, I decided to give you a mid-week break with what I used to call “Rorschach Tests” on another website.  Now, I think I will periodically include some of these in the blog. It should give you a light moment (we all need those once-in-awhile) and can keep the blog up-to-date with new material.

For those of you who haven’t been psychoanalyzed or may have forgotten the definition of a Rorschach Test, it is an inkblot with no single or “right” interpretation. Apparently the answer the patient gives to the doctor (usually a psychiatrist) indicates the depths or disturbance of one’s mind. An old joke tells of a man who was given a series of Rorschach inkblots and each time he said they reminded him of sex. “Well,” said the doctor, “it sounds as though you have sex on your mind a great deal.” “Me?”, the patient replied. “You’re the one with all the dirty pictures, doc.”

In any case, the “Rorschach Tests” I’ll include in the blog are simply cartoons I’ve used over the years for the fun of it (plus new ones I’ve gathered along the way). The caption or “meaning” you give to any particular cartoon might offer a deep and penetrating analysis of your psyche. On the other hand, it could simply demonstrate a quirk of mind that enjoys the ability of an artist to produce something that resonates with your funny bone.

When you look at this cartoon, consider three things.

What happened before this scene?

What is happening now?

What will happen next?

Have a great day. As you look around you, what else offers you a chance to make an interpretation (hopefully a humorous one) just for the fun of it?

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