Getting Ready to Gather Memories

May 20, 2011
Looking forward to adding new experiences to my bank of pleasant memories.

A wedding cake with bride and groom made out of frostingTomorrow I am leaving for Montana, where my oldest grandson is getting married! Now if anything makes me feel old, that does.

But I have a plan for how to keep myself feeling as young and alive as possible.

The idea comes from an article that is no longer on the Support4Change website. In the article, I explained how I consciously take a “photograph” of experiences for my memory bank:

When recently flying to a conference on comprehensive cancer care, I had to sit next to the window, although I generally prefer an aisle seat. Taking advantage of the situation, however, I decided to see how well I could remember a scene below. Pressing my face to the window, I would pay particular attention to some aspect of the countryside, trying to “capture” that picture in as many details as possible, something like taking a Polaroid snapshot, and then close my eyes. When I’d open them a moment later, I would check to see how accurate my memory had been. (Of course, I couldn’t wait too long to open them or the scene would have changed.)

Since it takes about fifteen seconds for the brain to absorb an experience so that it can later be remembered — I was taking about that long to play my game, I can still see in my mind’s eye much of the countryside over which I traveled.

The idea for capturing a moment is to become consciously aware of as many of your senses as possible — seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, tasting, and noticing the sensations in your body — while you experience whatever you are doing.

So for the next ten days I will focus my attention on whatever I am doing, whether flying, driving in the mountains of Montana, or visiting with new people who will now be part of my life.

I’m very excited. And the more excited I feel, the less ancient I feel. In fact, thinking about the generations that preparing for the future brings peace to my heart. I know that something of me with go with them.

I’ll probably tell you about some of this adventure when I return. But in the meantime, I have other posts uploaded, so be sure to come back here in a couple days and see a new video that I made called How to Become Your Own Expert on Personal Growth.

By the way, in case you are wondering, the groom on the cake is Scotch and that is traditional wedding attire. I doubt my grandson will be wearing that outfit, but what he will wear is anybody’s guess. However, I found the picture at Wikimedia, which often has a royalty-free picture to illustrate a post, and just couldn’t resist using it.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons
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