A Serendipitous Encounter With an Inspirational Author

June 21, 2011
How has serendipity affected your life recently and how can love and compassion affect your life today?

Last Friday at the Post Office I had finished buying stamps when I moved over to the side to gather my purchases while another woman stepped up to the counter. I noticed the name of the book she was mailing and asked her what it was about.

Raising Brandon: Creating a Path to Independence for Your Adult “Kid” with Autism & Special Needs was the story of how Amalia Starr raised a boy who had Asperger’s Syndrome, epilepsy and learning problems, yet he has been able to live on his own for the past twelve years. We got talking about my book, Letting Go of Our Adult Children: When What We Do Is Never Enough, and discovered we have several things in common, especially the challenge of raising children who don’t always “turn out” the way we planned.

I was pleased that she gave me a copy of the book; and I’ll be sending her a copy of Healing Relationships is an Inside Job. When I got home and started reading, I found she had distilled her experience in a way that made it very understandable. I highly recommend it for anyone with a child who has a diagnosis of autism or Asperger Syndrome. So if you know someone who is dealing with those kinds of problems, check out the book.

Another reason I want to tell you about the book is that the information in each chapter is preceded with a wonderful, inspirational quotation. And that is part of how this serendipitous encounter at the post office is related to this blog. You see, I am now going to use the quotes for the next several posts in order to make writing them easier and quicker.

I need to do this because I am behind the 8-ball in trying to turn the letting go book into ebook format. (People have asked for this for a very long time and I’m finally doing it.) However, this has meant that I had to buy the latest edition of InDesign . . . which means I have to learn the new version and discover how Adobe has changed their software . . . which means I don’t have time to spend on creating new posts, even though I have a target of producing three posts week . . . which means a quotation will fit in nicely in keeping with the recent post of A Quickly Chosen Quotation for a Busy Day and the earlier post of A Quotation Worth Considering.

Besides, this gives you about enough to think about on lazy summer days. And if you want to share some quotes you particularly like, I’d love to hear about them.

Along the way I’ll tell you how I’m progressing, since I have about 30 products I am creating and want them completed by the beginning of October. Of course, when something real exciting or important happens, I’ll write about that.

In any case, here is the first quote from the book:

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.
—The Dalai Lama

You have likely heard this a number of times, but what would happen if today you decided to claim that quotation as your own and create an affirmation to support all your actions? You might change the quotation to:

Whatever I do today, I will do it with love and compassion, even when I am in conflict with another person. I will do that because I want the humanity that lies within my sphere of interaction to survive.

I would love to have you share your interpretation of this quotation.

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