Happiness and Acceptance on a Very Warm Day

June 25, 2011
What do you have a hard time accepting today?

This week we have gone from June-gloom to real Southern California summer, though not as hot as it will be later. And I am sitting here in my office determined to write a post, but the bed is inviting me to take a nap so I’ll be ready for the opening night of “Twist” at the Pasadena Playhouse this evening — including Hors d’œuvres.

So to keep it short, I have decided to give you a quotation from Ken Keyes, Jr., a personal growth author and lecturer, quoted in Raising Brandon: Creating a Path to Independence for Your Adult “Kid” with Autism & Special Needs, a book I mentioned in a recent post.

Happiness is experienced when life gives you what you are willing to accept.

This is similar to a quotation by Eckhart Tolle (also from the book):

Acceptance of the unacceptable is the greatest source of grace in this world.

How much are you willing to accept that you would rather not?

Today I am accepting this short — and not particularly great — post because I want to get that nap even though my perfectionist is trying to make me stay here and continue working.

I am ignoring her. My recovering perfectionist applauds. I am keeping to my goal of writing three posts a week AND my goal to not feel I have to have every one the best I can possibly make it.

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