Where is Your Circle of Caring?

June 27 2011
The popular phrase, “What goes around comes around,” is expressed in this inspiring story of a teenager and a teacher.

Ideas Worth Sharing

For me, the Internet is an absolutely fascinating resource for information and inspiration. And I have found that one of the greatest resources (outside of Wikipedia) is TED (Technology Entertainment and Design). This is a global set of conferences formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading” where you can learn about a wide range of subjects that stretch the mind and touch the heart.

I like them so much that when I have limited time to pull together ideas for a post, or limited brain cells, I’ve decided to go to the TED website for inspiration. I will call these, and others that come along, “Ideas Worth Sharing.”

In any case, when I went there this morning I discovered a short video called A Circle of Caring.

It was given by Jok Church, who, according to Universal Uclick, receives more mail from children than anyone except Santa Claus. His comic strip Beakman & Jax was the inspiration for the television show Beakman’s World. And somehow during his career Church helped create a museum exhibit that has toured science centers and museums continually since 1998.

I knew nothing about him until a year ago when he presented a program called “Beckman on the Brain” at Caltech and came on stage wearing a wig and a lab coat. He had lots of unusual ways to show how the brain worked and was much appreciated by a large number of children and their enthusiastic parents.

This short TED video tells of how a teacher’s kindness was repaid years later. After the video, please consider the questions at the end of the post.


Questions for you today:

What has someone done for you sometime in the past that you were able to repay either for that person, or for someone else?

What did you do for someone else that they repaid you in a similar way, or responded in kind to someone else?

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