Enter Sharing-Great-Fishing-Memories Raffle

July 6, 2011
Do you have a good fishing story to share?

Cartoon of young boy fishing with his grandfatherThis post introduces a new raffle I am calling the Vacation Memories Raffle Series I got the idea when I was sorting through some imagery scripts to include in an upcoming training program for therapists, and I had written one in which a person remembers a pleasant experience from long ago and re-experiences those good feelings today.

This brief post focuses on one particular vacation activity, fishing, because most of us have gone fishing at one time or another. Maybe it was only fishing with our grandparents at a small stocked pond. Maybe you’ve gone with a group of fishing enthusiasts in the ocean. Whatever or wherever you’ve fished, I am sure there is a special memory you have and I’d love to hear it.

Share your fishing story and I’ll enter you in a raffle for a print copy of my second book, Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life.

Here is my fishing story: Many decades ago, my father and I went fishing on a lake in Michigan and caught so many we were probably over the limit, if there were one. He couldn’t bait his own hook fast enough before I had another tug on the line and he had to remove my wriggling fish. I imagine I was about ten years old and remember it as a perfect day with my father.

Ordinarily, I had a somewhat difficult relationship with him because I wasn’t the easiest child to raise and he was an authoritative parent. But for that particular day, I was just a kid having fun. Whether it was a break from what I felt was more strictness than I wanted, or whether it was simply the pleasure of feeling I was a talented fisherman (we didn’t call them fisherwomen in those days), I can’t say. But the memory is a very good one and whenever someone talks about fishing, I think of that one day.

We had probably simply stumbled on a school of fish that just happened to be where we were dropping our lines. But seeing all those fish flopping on the bottom of the rowboat made me felt very special.

Never gone fishing? Maybe you’ve heard an old story about someone in your family  that seems particularly memorable.

And if you can’t think of any stories, wait for the next post in a couple days. I’ll have another vacation topic for you to share and you can enter another raffle for a free print copy of Healing Relationships is an Inside Job.

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