Revisiting THE SECRET

August 1, 2011
How much faith do you put into the Law of Attraction?

Shortly after The Secret by Rhonda Byrne hit the best seller lists, I wrote a two-part post about my views on the book. Called Where is the “Secret” in THE SECRET?, I explored the reasons I thought people were attracted to the Law of Attraction.

One woman wrote to say that she was going to print out my review and carry it with her. Then, when people started talking about the fabulous “fact” of the “law of attraction” that had been uncovered, she would pull out the paper and read them my views.

I don’t know whether she really did that, but I do know that since the book was published, there have been a number of articles and books that have moved closer to my perspective, even if they use the phrase “law of attraction.”

The idea that all we need to do to get what we desire is to think it possible is fading as people discover success with that approach is not as simple as it sounds.

If you haven’t read my articles yet, and if you have some questions about how the law of attraction works, perhaps you may want to read the articles:

Where is the “Secret” in THE SECRET? —- Part One
Where is the “Secret” in THE SECRET? —- Part Two

I would love to get your reaction to this topic.

Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your LifeBy the way, since I wrote that book review, my second book, Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, was published. In reviewing my book, John Fabian, Ph.D, author of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, said that “Harder shows that making changes doesn’t require magic, [like the Law of Attraction seems to imply] just clarity, courage, perspective.”

Check out what others are saying about the book and discover a clear path to reaching your goals.

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