Have You Been to These “Superlative” Places?

August 3, 2011
How many of these places have you visited in the United States?

Stamp of largest natural bridgeOne of the challenges in writing a blog over a period of several years is that you tend to change styles and focus as you go along, meaning that revisiting your blog from time to time can be quite enlightening. You discover, for example, that you have misplaced a link to one of the older posts.

That is what has happened to a piece I wrote back in 2007. I had a post with questions about places in the United States that were “superlative,” according to a set of US stamps. However, when I changed the host of the blog and made changes to the website, I left out a page of answers to questions I asked four years ago.

So today I’m going to give you the answers  in case you have stumbled upon the May 7, 2007 post that asked you what you thought were the biggest, tallest, widest, windiest, etc. places in the United States and wanted to know the answers.

As you consider these places, remember, as my husband is always pointing out, that anything can be “superlative” if you add enough qualifications. For example, my house is the only house on the block that has a blue door with leaded windows on either side. I am the only one in my family who graduated from graduate school in 1984.

What qualifications can you give yourself to make you a “superlative” person?

Deepest Lake — Crater Lake Longest Cave — Mammoth Cave
Fastest Bird — Peregrin Falcon Longest Covered Bridge — Cornish-Windsor
Fastest Land Animal — Proghorn Longest Hiking Trail — Pacific Crest Trail
Highest Sea Cliffs — Molok’i Longest Mountain Chain — Rocky Mountains
Hottest Spot — Death Valley Longest Reef — Off the Florida Keys
Largest Canyon — Grand Canyon Longest River System — Mississippi-Missouri

Largest Cliff Dwelling — Cliff Palace in Colorado

Longest Span — Veranzo-Narrows Bridge

Largest Delta — Mississippi River Delta

Loudest Animal — Blue Whale

Largest Desert — Great Basin

Most Active Volcano — Kilauea

Largest Estuary — Chesapeake Bay

Rainiest Spot — Mount Wa’ale’ale

Largest Flower — American Lotus

Oldest Trees — Bristlecone Pine

Largest Freshwater Fish — White Sturgeon

Oldest Mountains — Appalacians

Largest Frog — American Bullfrog

Tallest Cactus — Saguaro

Largest Glacier — Bering Glacier

Tallest Dam — Oroville Dam

Largest Land Mammal — American Bison

Tallest Dunes — Great Sand Dunes

Largest Lake — Lake Superior

Tallest Geyser — Steamboat

Largest Natural Bridge — Rainbow Bridge

Tallest Man-made Monument — Gateway Arch in St. Louis

Largest Plant — Quaking Aspen

Tallest Trees — Coast Redwoods

Largest Reptile — American Alligator

Tallest Waterfall — Yosemite Falls

Largest Rodent — American Beaver

Windiest Place — Mount Washington


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