What Story Would You Tell About This Picture?

August 5, 2011
Use a picture to be creative and/or help resolve a problem you have.

Painting by Lynne Fearman titled Last Day on the Farm

On Support4Change there is a technique for resolving relationship conflicts that I call “Step Into Pictures.” When I started to write this post, I was planning to give you a painting by my friend, Lynne Fearman.

Then, when I saw this one, I decided to suggest you could do a couple things with it. In both cases the suggestions can fit under the name of a new feature on the blog that I’ll call “Fire Up Your Brain.”

the  purpose is to jump start your creative juices and explore something you may not have thought about before. Build a few more connections in the creative section of your brain. In fact, if you spend a few moments actually doing this mental exercise, I’ll be that you’ll notice you are more creative after you leave this page and do something else.

I’d try something a little different. So I am starting

You can use this picture in two ways (in addition to just appreciating the painting)

Use the “Step Into Pictures” technique to help you see some aspect of an unresolved issue between you and another person that you may not have seen before. In that case, do the following:

  • Think about a situation you want resolved between you and another person.
  • Imagine you step into the picture, with or without that person.
  • What would you say?
  • What would you do?
  • Let your mind be open to what might happen.

Or, you may want to tell a story about the picture, which is called “Last Day on the Farm.” What does the title mean to you? What does the scene say to you? What do you think happened before you saw this? What do you think will happen next?

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