Back to the Future

August 12, 2011
We have all had a particular moment in our lives that stands out for us because we did something we wish we had not done or would have done differently. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

Vacation Update:

If you read the August 10 post, you will know that I am on a two-week trip with our grandson by car, plane and sailboat.

Yesterday we flew to Lexington, MA, and today and tomorrow we will take a tour of historic sites in Boston.  Then on Sunday we drive to Boothbay Harbor, Maine, for the first day of the Intergenerational Road Scholar program.



sun with question mark In a post on July 15 called The World’s Greatest Challenge, I began a series of questions I call “Questions Worth Asking Yourself.”

Here is the third in that category:

If you could return to one moment in your life and could do something differently, what would that be?

How do you expect that would have made a difference?

What have you learned since that time that would have allowed you to react differently?

Incidentally, I am calling this post “Back to the Future” because the topic reminds me of the science-fiction comedy with Michael J. Fox and directed by Steven Spielberg. If you didn’t see that film, I’ll just tell you that it imagines what can happen if people could go back in time and have a hand to shaping their future. It’s not a unique proposition, but it was done exceedingly well.

Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life

WIN A PRINT BOOK: Anyone who sends me a comment about any of the questions will be entered into a drawing for a print copy of Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life: Stop Wishing Your Life Were Different and Make It Happen. That’s right, you’ll actually get a print copy, not an ebook (unless you would prefer that). So it may be worth your effort to consider these questions carefully and share your answer. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.

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