Would You Hug This Man?

August 17, 2011
How many things do you NOT do, even though they sound pleasant enough, because you might be embarrassed?

Vacation Update:

If you read the August 10 post, you will know that I am on a two-week trip with our grandson by car, plane and sailboat.

We are still learning to sail in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Hope there is no rain but moderate wind.

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One of my favorite daily emails comes from Mel’s Video of the Day. I generally don’t pass  them on because usually they’re simple pleasures that give me a chuckle before I turn to work and I don’t know whether they would be of interest to my writers.

However, while I’ve previously seen this video that arrived in my mailbox recently — and you may have seen it as well, since lots of people have watched it — I want to share it so I can ask you a question:

Would you be willing to engage publicly with someone you don’t know if the behavior may be looked upon as suspect?

When I tried to insert the video into the blog instead of just linking to it, I went directly to YouTube and found many similar videos, like this one. Since it is done in HD, you may want to go to YouTube and see it there, where it seems it plays better. Anyway, here it is:

If you want to see others encourage people to hug them, go to YouTube and put “free hugs” in the search field and you’ll find there are free hug campaigns in Amsterdam, Scotland, Korea, Italy, etc. You can also see a video of two men with signs competing with each other, offering “Free Hugs” and “Hugs for $2.”

I  like to hug people and I like to think I would be willing to hug this man. But would I really? I wonder whether I would pass him by; and it wouldn’t be until later that I would wish I have been more forward and risked appearing foolish and embarrassing myself. How about you?

How many things do you fail to do because you would be “embarrassed” to risk others seeing you do something they might think is “foolish”?
When was the last time you didn’t do something you wished you had done only because someone else might criticize you?


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