An Invention You Cannot Do Without

August 29, 2011
What invention are you especially glad has been invented because it makes your life immeasurably better?

The great thing about writing a blog (or anything on the Internet for that matter) is that if you make a mistake you can remove a page and start over again, inserting the correct fact or statement for something you hadn’t intended to say.

That’s what I’m doing today. When I opened the blog this morning, I noticed I had made a mistake that could be made by almost anyone. Anyone, that is, expect those who have not used the Internet for very long — or who are extremely cautious and/or extremely lucky. (The same thing can happen to users of word processing when you try to reuse an old document.)

What happened here is that I had tried to take advantage of the wording I used earlier for the series of “Questions Worth Asking Yourself.” I simply copied the format I was planning to use — without first removing the old questions and inserting new ones. Consequently, the questions made no sense in relationship to the title.

They were perfectly good questions, but they didn’t match the subject of “An Invention You Cannot Do Without.”

Now I’ll try again.

Questions Worth Asking Yourself: #4

sun with question mark In a post on July 15 called The World’s Greatest Challenge, I began a series of questions I call “Questions Worth Asking Yourself.” Here is the fourth in that category:

What one piece of technology that has been created in the last one-hundred years would you not want to do without?



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