Preparing for a More Relaxed Trip

September 8, 2011
When you are getting ready to leave home for a business or pleasure trip, how do you choose what you need to do and what can be left undone?

I have had a conundrum this week as I prepare for two weeks in Europe (yes, I know, it’s terribly painful, but someone has to do it to keep the travel industry alive).

In the past, wanting to make the maximum use of any time I had before  leaving, I would put pressure on myself to have “evergreen” posts completed before I left. You can see the last post, Viewing Time as an Ocean, for an explanation of the term. Writing at least three posts a week seemed necessary.

Now, as I said in that post,  I am trying to stop viewing time like a bullet train I have to catch. Yet whether seen through flowing water in an ocean or the window of a train, there is limited time to complete tasks I want done. And it has struck me that there is one thing I’ve been forgetting: setting aside time to learn more about my video camera so I can take the kinds of pictures I can turn into several videos for my websites.

Something has to go and I’ve decided it will be writing enough evergreen posts for three a week. Instead, I can manage two a week (Mondays and Thursdays) of  various videos or photos I’ve enjoyed finding on the Internet recently, and a couple unpublished articles I’ve had around for awhile.

So during September come here and be inspired and/or entertained. As the theme for this blog says, enrich your life, enrich your relationships. I think these will do that for you.

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