Your Problems Are HOW Significant?

September 29, 2011
Sometimes we need a different perspective to realize how important (or not-so-important) we are in the scheme of things.


Here is the last “green” post I wrote before leaving.

Flying back to Los Angeles tomorrow. I am sure I will be glad to get home with great memories. Should be back to writing up-to-date posts early in October after I’ve gotten over jet lag.

Several months ago I was sent a link to a site that has a marvelous comparison of objects in the universe, from the tiniest particle or wave to the far reaches of the whole universe.

I highly recommend it! You move a bar across the bottom of the screen to see how marvelous is the world we see and the world we can’t see.

Check out Scale of the Universe. Here is a screen shot of part of the site.

Illustration from the website on the size of the universe

When you see where man (and woman) fits in the scheme of things, we are pretty insignificant.

When you’ve looked at the Scale of the Universe site, I would love to get your impression of it.

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4 thoughts on “Your Problems Are HOW Significant?

  1. This reminder of relativity is most welcome. Sometimes we think we have such huge problems, then we look at the lives of others and realize we’ve actually got it pretty good.

    Since I interviewed several families of which the grandparents raise the grandchildren, I have had the benchmark of realizing that, no, my life really isn’t all that difficult!


  2. Thanks for your comment. In this country we do seem to make a habit of complaining (although I admit there is a lot of room for improvement).

    I am interested in knowing what you’ve written about grandparents raising grandchildren.



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