I Have Returned . . . Have You?

March 19, 2012
Explore the new Support4Change format and win a book if you find a blooper.

Cartoon of man running through the finish lineEarlier today I finished this post and when I went to check it out, it disappeared. Maybe I accidentally hit the “move to trash” button when I meant to say “publish.” So I am writing this again and hopefully will do it correctly this time.

If you have been coming back to the blog since last October, which is the last time I wrote a post, you are certainly a loyal reader. And now you are rewarded with a genuinely new post.

I had written a letter to my family this morning to tell them about the completion of the new Support4Change website and since I said everything there that I wanted to write to you, I decided to send you the same message. Here it is:


Dear Family and Friends,

It’s Monday morning and I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for a conference in Washington, DC, which always includes a visit to Rebecca and family. However, I want to take a few minutes to tell you that I have finally (after many months) completed the transition from the old Support4Change format to the new one.

Here is what I am talking about:


Previously, as I may have told you earlier, I was using a static site in which the content of each page was set when the page was uploaded. For that I used Dreamweaver. The new dynamic method uses Joomla and each page is “created” on the fly, so to speak, with various components coming together when you request a specific topic. Hard to explain, but look at something like MSNBC and you’ll see what I mean, for each time you refresh the page you’ll get a slightly different look.

Okay, I’m not that sophisticated yet (nor ever intend to be), but the learning curve has been outrageous and now I am very pleased with the new look of the site. Have reduced the number of pages considerably and made the navigation system easier to operate.

Best of all, I am finally learning how to create sales pages that should be more effective than the ones I’ve been using. Apparently there is a science to how to write a sales page and I’m trying to do my best to be scientific. Statistics will tell. Since I only put the site up last Thursday, there hasn’t been enough time to test it. But I have my fingers crossed. In case you’re interested, one way you can get to these pages is through the STORE link at the bottom of the pages or on the left under General Information.

By the way, I am offering to send a print copy of my second book, Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, to the first five people who find an error on the site (there surely are many more than that) and tell me where they found it.

As anyone knows who does much writing, you can read and read and read your own work and later discover you only THOUGHT you wrote what you intended to write. And of course, it is easy to have broken links even when you’ve tried to test them yourself.

Bob and I were planning to go to San Diego for the weekend to celebrate the completion of this extremely long project, but it rained and rained and rained. So we stayed home and he took me to a fancy restaurant to celebrate on Friday and I spent a very relaxing weekend doing whatever I felt like doing, which was mostly getting my Kindle and iPod straightened out so I will have entertainment for a couple months.

Hope spring is beginning to look pleasant wherever you are. (Apparently I am going to be in DC when the cherry blossoms are in high bloom. Usually miss that when I go to the spring conference, but this year, as everyone knows, the warm weather is not usual.

If you want to send any comments about the revised site, I would appreciate it. Or even more, if you like it and tell someone else about it, please do.

Much love,


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