Who Wants a Picture of Dirty Dishes?

April 15, 2012
How realistic do you like your paintings to be?


Last September, as I was getting ready for our trip to Europe, I wrote a post called “Viewing Time as an Ocean.”  In it I quoted Meghan Daum of the Los Angeles Times who said that  “evergreen is journalist lingo for a topic that, like its namesake, is always in season (or, at least, one that won’t go stale immediately).”

In that post I said I wanted to schedule a number of such posts to be published while I was gone. Then I would get back to writing fresh posts.

However, as you may know if you read the first post after I got back — “It Was The Best of Vacations, It Was the Worst of Vacations” — I was out of commission for quite a few months. Now I am back to creating more “evergreens” while I focus on two long-neglected jobs: getting my contact list brought up to date and getting my computer organized.

In the former situation I have hundreds of people I need to keep track of and have not. In the latter, I have tens of thousands (well, thousands anyway) of computer files I can’t find. Why? Because I do what you probably do: When I first save a file I give it a name that makes sense to me at that moment. A couple months  or years later, I haven’t the foggiest idea what I was thinking. Consequently, I have had to spend far too much time searching, which isn’t fun. Even worse, sometimes a file is lost forever.

So to get those two jobs done and still provide new material for the blog, I’m putting together some evergreen posts that will be scheduled for two or three times a week while I’m doing my nitty-gritty chores. There are several topics that won’t take too long to pull together (or so I hope) and should still be interesting to my readers (some of them, anyway).


This evergreen post comes from Hyper Realistic Paintings That Look Like Photos, which was sent to me by my brother. This page of 26 drawings on the Bored Panda website, many in the class of Andy Warhol Campbell soup cans, are as good as photos. But as my sister pointed out, why would someone want a beautifully rendered picture of a sink full of dishes? Evidence for divorce?

Yet if you look carefully you’ll notice that the pans and dishes stacked in the sink don’t have any food stuck on them. They already are cleaned, so why aren’t they turned over and draining instead of sitting in the sink with water running on them?

Painting of sink full of pan

How do these “photorealists” do it? Do they take a picture and then paint over it?

Anyway, the picture below is one of the pictures that caught my eye because it looks almost exactly like a picture I took on the coast in South Carolina. I would have also included my picture to show you the comparison — but I couldn’t find it in the computer!

Sandy beach with grasses and ocean

Time to write a few more evergreens for the next few weeks while I organize my lists of names and my files.


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