I Knew I Wasn’t THAT Good

April 22, 2012
If you sent me an email recently and I haven’t responded, it may be because I gave you the wrong address!

Cartoon of red, embarrassed faceBack on April 4 in a post titled A Book for a Blooper, I invited people to search for mistakes in the new Support4Change website that my editing might have missed. (Even though there may be mistakes here on the blog, I am specially asking for help on the website.)

I was puzzled to receive very few responses. There surely had to be more than one or two misspellings, grammar errors, and broken links out of all those pages.

Today I discovered that there were quite a few emails that hadn’t gotten through to me because the email address on the Contact page was wrong!

Talk about errors!!

I am so embarrassed. I don’t know what those undelivered emails said or who they were from.

SO if you have sent an email telling me about an error on the site (or about anything else) please send it again. I have checked the contact page and it is working today.

The book I will give to the first five people who point out an error is Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, a component of the Set Goals With Confidence Program.

Use the comment section below, or the Contact Us form on the website. I have checked it out and it is working correctly.

My apologies to anyone who’s written and hasn’t gotten a response.

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