A New Way to Weigh Less

May 3, 2012
The Getting Lighter program can help you not only lighten up your body, but your mind and spirit as well.


A ”Fond Farewell” Article

When I changed Support4Change to a new format, I needed to delete some articles that didn’t fit in the new site but were too good to completely throw away. So I have moved many of them here to the blog, where they will still be available and people can find them by using tags.

This article was the introduction in the health section on discovering how to weigh less by “getting lighter.” This is the first of seven articles on weight that I will post on the blog on Thursdays.


By Jill Place, MA, RD

Are you dieting at this very moment? Or are you still tussling with those eight pounds that most of us gain during the holidays? And it’s eight months later and you just can’t bring yourself to diet, right? And cookies keep caaaaalling to you. Can you hear them call your name? Did’ya also know that diet has the word “die” in it?

Here’s some statistics about how well diets are working for us:

Over 50% of us are now overweight.

And the diet industry, which takes in $45 billion a year to help us get lighter, has a 5% success rate.

On top of that, 2/3 of us who actually lose weight regain it within one year.

And virtually all of us who lose weight regain it — and then some — within 5 years.

Diets aren’t helping us get lighter. Actually, they’re helping us get heavier. So how can you Get Lighter?

If you really want to weigh less, you might want to let go of the belief that diets help you lose weight. And the best way to do that is to Get Lighter, the new way to weigh less. Get Lighter is a lot more than weight loss. When you Get Lighter, you not only lighten up your body but your mind and spirit as well.

Get Lighter is the creation of Jill Place, a registered dietitian who has created a step-by-step approach that helps you discover how you feel about the world, how you feel about your life, how you feel about your body, how you feel about others, and how all that information relates to the way you use food.

The goal of this program is to explore your belief systems one by one to find out what serves you or doesn’t serve you on your Get Lighter journey. Once you can see your unique journey clearly with all its obstacles, traps, and potholes, you may have acquired enough knowledge to change your body once and for all instead of rollercoastering, yo-yoing, and those other things you do when you’re dieting. So I invite you to Get Lighter!

Check into the blog on Thursday for four more weeks
of information on weighing less by becoming lighter.


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