Let Me Be a Little Kinder

June 28, 2012

This poem gives good advice about qualities worth cultivating.

A ”Fond Farewell” Article

When I changed Support4Change to a new format, I needed to delete some articles that didn’t fit in the new site but were too good to completely throw away. So I have moved many of them here to the blog, where they will still be available and people can find them by using tags. Enjoy.



Let me be a little kinder,

Let me be a little blinder

To the faults of those around me.

Let me praise a little more.

Let me be when I am weary

Just a little bit more cheery,

Let me serve a little more

Those that I am striving for.

Let me be a little braver

When temptations make me waver.

Help me strive a little harder

To be all that I should be.

Let me be a little meeker

With the brother that is weaker,

Help me think more of my neighbor

And a little less of me.

— Anonymous


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