Artistic Hands Tell a Hundred Stories

July 9, 2012
Hand painting: an unexpected art-form

Hand-Painting catWithout reading any further, can you tell the source of this “cat?”

When I received this in an email, I almost sent it to the delete folder because I assumed it was another of the ubiquitous cute cat videos. There are only so many of them that I can watch.

Then I took a second look and was amazed to realize that it was the hand of Mario Mariotti, an Italian artist from Florence who transforms his hands into odd and fantastic creatures. It gives a whole  new meaning to the words “painting” and “artist.”

On what is (probably) a hot summer day, I recommend you give yourself a creative break and look at thirty-five other fanciful creatures on The Wondrous  Design Magazine website. Maybe this could give you an idea for a project at a family reunion this summer.

After you have looked at them, you may be surprised to discover how multi-talented Mariotti was by viewing a YouTube video of an exhibit of the artist’s other works in the Pecci Museum in Prato.

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